The Logistics Firm
has you covered

Full Truckload / Expedited
Do you need a Dry Van, Flatbed, Reefer, RGN or other specialized equipment for your inbound and/or outbound shipments? The Logistics Firm has you covered across North America! TLF and our partners have a gigantic network of graded and fully insured carriers we can access and book, 24/7/365. We believe in building and maintaining key relationships in the industry. We have an intricate internal technology system that is updated daily to allow our dispatchers and account managers to efficiently pinpoint which carriers in our network may be able to pickup and deliver our Clients’ loads. This helps us get loads covered when our competition cannot.

Less Than Truckload / Partials
Do you need LTL and/or Partial Truckload Services? The Logistics Firm has you covered across North America! Our Logistics Network allows us to handle an unlimited amount of LTL and partial freight for our Clients. Do you have a shipment that needs to get to your customer fast? Then take advantage of our Partial Service! Besides knowing where our network of carriers are at all times, we also know how much space they have available on their trucks. Save TIME and MONEY by allowing us to match up your shipment with one of our carriers that has available space! Request a quote below, and let us show you the service we provide our Clients!

Rail / Intermodal
Do you want to take advantage of the cost savings of shipping your inbound and outbound freight via Intermodal Rail Services? Utilizing our Intermodal Services in your supply chain often leads to a safer and often lower priced alternative to truck transportation. Drop trailers, refrigerated, live load/unload services available! Gain flexibility to cover your short term capacity needs and volume surges. Leverage our powerful relationships with all the Class 1 railroads to ensure that you'll obtain the equipment you need, when you need it. Request a quote below and let us show you what we can do!

Auto Transport
The Logistics Firm is partners with the most ethical and affordable auto transport company in the country. With decades of experience, and the relationships to match, we can handle any type of vehicle across the country, including Alaska and Hawaii. We also handle overseas shipments.
We realize that in today’s market, choosing the right company to ship your vehicle can be a bit challenging. Our transport specialists work hard to earn the trust of our clients. We treat each and every transport like we’re hauling one of our family members’ vehicles.

Dispatch Services
The Logistics Firm offers dispatching services to owner operators and small fleet trucking companies. We offer everything from load searching and booking, to invoicing and accounts receivable management. We will run credit on all potential shippers and brokers to help ensure that you get paid on time. You worry about driving safely and efficiently, while TLF worries about everything else. Our dispatchers will negotiate the best rates for you and handle any situations that arise, while representing your company with the professional and ethical manner that you deserve.